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Quotes from famous people that reimagine education – Part 1

Quotes from famous people that reimagine education – Part 1

Over the last few days, we have been sharing quotes from influential people that reimagine the way the world looks at education. It can be accessed on Instagram and Facebook using #ProjectFifty.

In this post, we capture the first seven posts from the last week.

On Conformity

The first one is from Steve Wozniak, on conformity.

Isn’t it high time we began to look at what makes children unique, rather than how they’re similar?

The world is expanding at a rapid pace, and with it, our interpretations of ability.


On Compliance

‘Children have a mind of their own’, you often hear.Yes they do!

And they need to be given as much opportunity to express their thoughts and ideas.

That is how you encourage innovation and free-thinking.


On Purpose

What’s the purpose of school?

We believe it should be to introduce children to as much as possible, so they can make informed choices when they grow up.

Paul Graham, legendary venture capitalist and investor, tends to agree!


On Change

In a world that changes fast, what is the best skill to have?

It isn’t a particular degree, nor a skillset.

It is the ability to stay fluid and to be able to learn whatever you need to in order to get what you want.

Which is why we try and incorporate a lot of the science of learning into what we do.


On Interests

Children by nature are very curious. They are interested in many things at any point in time, and these tend to change.

As such, we need to think of life as a long journey in which they will pick up many skills.

Choosing science or commerce in high school is not the most important decision – it is only the first of many. Nothing is written in stone.


On Learning

If anything, the pandemic has shown us that it is now possible to learn from anyone, anywhere.

Children have access to the best teachers online.

Which means that schools will have a very different role in such a world.

What is that role? Follow TSJA for long enough and you’ll know 😉


On Automation

It is no surprise that automation will take away many jobs, perhaps even wipe out entire industries.

So what skills should children be developing in order to be able to thrive in the future?

The World Economic Forum (WEF) lists skills such as creativity, empathy, problem solving and collaboration as the most needed skills in the future. As such, schools need to focus on providing opportunity to develop such skills.

This means schools which focus only on academics will do their students a disservice.


We recently had a chat with Titash Neogi, founder of Adaptiv, an AI startup which helps people navigate the future of work. We wanted to get his opinion on what he thinks will be of most use from a skills perspective in a world ten years from now. The video embedded below has all the answers. (Hint: Education must change a lot if we have to thrive in a drastically different world 10 years from now)

That’s it for now!

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