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This is my daughter’s third year at Jigyasa. The school has changed her personality completely. She is now a happy child who loves to go to school every day. There are many things that my husband and I really love about Jigyasa. The theme-based curriculum is implemented to perfection. It is amazing how much my daughter learns every term and how the school connects different disciplines so effortlessly. For instance, the term that focused on space happened to coincide with the Chandrayaan 2 lunar exploration mission and my daughter would talk about it every day. When we were watching Thor and there was a mention of the Hubble telescope, she told us that the Hubble’s successor would be James Webb. Every other school before Jigyasa would tell us that she was academically behind the rest of the class but Jigyasa looks at her as a child with immense potential. I will always be grateful for that. The school really encourages her to apply her learning and because she enjoys the process of learning so much, she can recall all the information effortlessly.

Jigyasa’s extended learning spaces allow a lot of movement, collaboration and project-based learning. My daughter, for instance, loves art and Jigyasa’s teaching combines art, math and design beautifully. My daughter also tells me that she loves science because something interesting happens every time they do an experiment. I think that this is exactly where most schools are falling short. They fail to connect science with the world, its problems and concerns. This is more important than confining to textbooks or studying it as a subject without understanding its purpose and beauty.

I also love Jigyasa’s teaching calibre and expertise. Ever since they started giving my daughter one-on-one sessions in math, her understanding of basic concepts in math has improved leaps and bounds. They do in their own spare time and what I really love about their approach is that they don’t want to simply fill her gaps. They truly want her to understand math in every form and as a life skill.

The team at Jigyasa encourages my child in everything she does and to participate in all the explorations they offer – sports, drama, music, and more. To Jigyasa, my daughter is not just one among many kids in a school. They value her as an individual and for that, we are happy and grateful parents.

– Shweta Sharan (Entrepreneur and Journalist)

We have been associated with Jigyasa for the last 6 years. Both our daughters have grown from strength to strength during their time here. They have dabbled in a wide spectrum of activities from dance, yoga, swimming, drama, sports, mental maths to martial arts. The approach of the school is very child centric and the emphasis is always on experiential and theme based learning. 

We couldn’t have asked for a  better educational institute for our daughters. They love the exposure to a wide range of experiences including visits to very interesting places in Bangalore that they organise from time to time like the sound experience museum, aerospace museum, museum of art and photography and so on. There is a beautiful balance between education, fun and extra curricular activities.

– Shyam Gopinath (Entrepreneur) and Jasdeep Bhatia (Manager)

Amazing and Outstanding are two words which I would like to mention
about the school. The one big difference that we observe with this school is that they focus on building a lasting culture which is ably supported by the curriculum that they follow. 

We have observed both our kids enthusiastic to go to school everyday. They have fun while learning and develop curiosity in Science, Maths and other subjects. It is commendable to see the immense development in Interpersonal skills and Communication.

We really appreciate the multiple opportunities provided at school which have lead them to excel in Dance, Art, Music and Sports. 

 We Thank the School Jigyasa for providing a wonderful platform where the kids are encouraged to think out of box, be creative, independent and confident.

– Madhavi Latha (Software Engineer)

Jigyasa is a second home for me and my daughter. It is a safe place for my child where she is respected and accepted the way she is.  Everyday she looks forward to going to school. In fact they were the first ones to discover my daughter’s love and talent for acting. 

The teachers and other staff are extremely friendly and approachable. They have a balanced mix of academic and extracurricular activities. The school focuses on  the overall development of a child, not just the academic part.  I see many positive changes in many daughter in the last three years.

I would like to thank Team Jigyasa for all the efforts they are putting towards the future of our kids.

– Shally Shubhash (Software Professional)

Our daughter V. Ananya, started her schooling at Jigyasa when she was a toddler and now she is in Grade 3. It’s a child friendly school and also where kids love to learn things as they are let on their own way to discover and learn. This is a Montessori based IGCSE syllabus school. The school teaches in the latest state-of-the-art modern techniques. At the same time, it also emphasizes and teaches traditional values by celebrating all festivals of all religions.

This school is a blend of both traditional and modern methods in education. The school encourages the children to develop the habit of being inquisitive and think about what they are learning rather than the old outdated method of learning only from the text books.

– Geetha V (Homemaker)

Jigyasa is a dream school. My 3 kids are attending and they are all so excited to go every single morning. The teachers are extremely well trained, supportive, and positive under all circumstances. I wouldn’t want to send my kids anywhere else. Jigyasa is like a big family and I am so thankful that we are part of it.

– Dr Barbara Maim (CEO of Minsh)

We couldn’t have asked for a better school for my daughter, 6. For the past three years, I could literally number the days when my daughter felt reluctant to go to school. Anu Madam, a visionary in education, and Ryan Sir, a core experimentalist and executor, make a great leadership team. Imagine teachers who genuinely care and go beyond their typical job responsibilities. Imagine your child get home and say ‘today I learnt the meaning of confidence at school’. I highly recommend Jigyasa.

– Dr Anand Lakshmanan (CEO of SIRPI Products & Services)